Classroom Overview

8th Grade Algebra
This course combines skills taught in 8th Grade Math and CCSS Algebra. Successful completion should allow students to take Geometry or Honors Geometry in their respective High Schools. The following is a list of topics covered in Algebra:
  • Solving  multi-step equations and inequalities
  • Graphing linear functions and inequalities
  • Solving systems of linear equations and inequalities
  • Solving, writing, and graphing exponential functions and sequences
  • Computations and simplification of exponential expressions
  • Solving, writing, and graphing quadratic equations
  • Computations and factoring of polynomial expressions
  • Solving, writing, and graphing radical equations
  • Computations and simplification of radical expressions
  • Data analysis
  • Transformations of polygons and linear functions
  • Investigating angles created by transversals
  • Deriving and using the Pythagorean Theorem
  • Deriving and using the formulas for volume of cylinders, cones, and spheres
  • Real life applications of math
Please visit my Algebra help page. This page contains content, extra help, and other useful resources. This site was created by me personally to act as a help page for my Algebra students.

7th Grade Math

The following is a list of topics covered in 7th grade Math:
  • Recognizing similarity through Ratios and Proportions 
  • Understanding percents, percents of numbers and percent increase
  • Integers and operations with negative numbers
  • Graphing linear equations
  • Solving single step, 2-step, and simple multi-step equations and inequalities
  • Simplifying algebraic expressions
  • Geometry (circles, irregular polygons, angles)
  • Statistics, Probability, and Odds
  • Real life applications of math

Grading policy: 
Points based quizzes, tests, and projects
Quiz corrections available for most quizzes, and must be turned in prior to or on the date of the unit test. Quiz corrections cannot be performed on a standards-based assessment (7th grade only).

Extra help: I am available daily during ELT, and by appointment in the mornings before school. Students are encouraged to ask questions regarding homework on Google Classroom, and/or email me privately as needed.

Homework: Homework is given nightly, and should take roughly 15 minutes (7th grade) and 45 minutes (Algebra) . Parents who observe their children continually taking longer are encouraged to contact me.

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