Vision & Values

On February 1, 2023, the Board of Education adopted the following Vision Statement which represents the thoughts, beliefs and aspirations of each constituency throughout The Sherman School and broader community:

“The Sherman School empowers students to thrive in a challenging, personalized, supportive environment that is joyful, inspiring, and future-focused.”

Sherman Shield The Sherman Shield 

Developed in 2017, the Sherman Shield reflects our school's history and represents our aspirations for the future.  Each element has an important meaning:

The shield is an homage to our mascot, the Sherman Knight, and our Code of Conduct. The gold perimeter around the Shield represents the "Golden Shield" which is ceremoniously awarded each month to a class recognized for demonstrating the attributes delineated in our Code of Conduct.

The horizontal waves at the bottom of the shield reflect the Town of Sherman's prominence as a lake community and Sherman's proximity to the historic Naromiyocknowhusunkatankshunk Brook.

An acorn is symbolic of something which starts out small, yet eventually becomes great and mighty.  Although we are a small district, we believe our students can and will achieve great heights. The three acorns reflect Sherman's original incorporation in 1937 as a three-room schoolhouse.

Open Book and Torch
An open book is symbolic of the continuous pursuit of knowledge, and the torch represents lifelong learning.

The words "Excido Proficio" are Latin for "Fail Forward."  We believe that failure is not only important, but integral to the learning process.  When failure occurs, we expect that students will learn from their mistakes, move forward and press on.
Sherman Knight
Our Mascot

Since 2000, the Sherman Knight has been the mascot of The Sherman School. As students, as athletes, as friends and as citizens in a broader community, Sherman Knights aspire to behave in accordance with our Code of Conduct. 


Our Core Values

A Sherman Knight cares about his or her role in our community and ensures that all expectations are met.

A Sherman Knight does not give up when faced with challenges and keeps going even when things seem hard or even impossible. 

A Sherman Knight is always truthful, and does the right thing even when nobody's watching.

A Sherman Knight is committed to treating others the way he or she wants to be treated, often putting another's needs before their own. 

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