Classroom Overview

Our Kindergarten Program

At the Sherman School, we have designed our kindergarten program to foster growth in all areas of development. We incorporate the curriculum standards by using an integrated approach to learning. Activities are carefully planned to allow each child to address the tasks at his or her own developmental level. This will allow students to build the knowledge necessary to pursue new learning opportunities and experience success.

English Language Arts

The English Language Arts program is designed for students to acquire valuable literacy skills. The curriculum strands include reading literature, informational texts, foundational skills, writing, language, speaking, and listening. These areas are addressed through a balanced literacy approach which includes read-alouds, shared reading, word study, and reading and writing workshops. The goal is to build independent learners who love to read and write!


The students are exposed to a variety of math concepts. Topics include counting and cardinality, operations and algebraic thinking (addition and subtraction), number and operations in base ten, geometry, measurement, and data. Open exploration and engaging research-based learning activities nurture the mathematician in all students!


The students participate in a wide variety of integrated activities that encompass the five senses, plants, animals, and the weather. These lessons encourage curiosity, exploration, and problem solving in order to gain an understanding of the world around them.

Social Studies

Activities are designed to help the students gain an understanding of themselves, others, and the world in which they live. In addition, holidays, cultural diversity, and current events provide an exciting source for social studies learning.

Center Time

Activity-oriented centers are provided in order to enhance the learning process. These centers incorporate play and address the various aspects of the curriculum. Play is essential to the students’ development as it enhances language, spacial relations, imagination, and creativity. In addition, their intellectual, social, emotional, and reasoning skills blossom. This multi-sensory approach exposes students to a variety of unique experiences.

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