Class Overview

Reading and Writing
As part of a balanced literacy program, our reading and writing units of study are integrated. We begin the school year introducing the routines and expectations of readers' and writers' workshop. Next, students are immersed in narrative stories and writing. Midyear, informational text and writing is introduced and developed, followed by a focus on characters and opinion writing. Students then explore poetry text and composition. Finally, students are presented with the opportunity to revisit all genres toward the end of the year.

Students are activity engaged in mathematics through many hands on activities and games. Home Connection parent information letters will be sent home at the beginning of each unit. Please refer to these parent letters for more information about what and how students are learning.

Unit 1: Figure the Facts- Focus on the number line, addition and subtraction facts to 20, and story problems.
Unit 2: Place Value & Measurement- Focus on U.S. Standard measurement, addition and subtraction facts to 20, place value-tens and ones, and money.
Unit 3: Addition & Subtraction Within One Hundred- Focus on using an open number line for addition and subtraction, story problems, and place value within one hundred.
Unit 4: Measurement- Review of measurement, story problems, data, subtraction facts, and money.
Unit 5: Place Value to One Thousand- Focus on fact families, place value to one-thousand, and time and money.
Unit 6: Geometry- Focus on two and three dimensional shapes, symmetry, facts, and problem solving.
Unit 7: Measurement, Fractions & Multi-Digit Computation- Focus on the Metric System, fractions, problem solving, and money.

In addition to the IXL and the Bridges in Mathematics website, please see the useful links page for some additional math practice websites.

Number Corner
Students have additional math instruction during Number Corner. Number Corner is organized by months of the school year, September through May. Each month, students focus on a different subject for real world mathematical investigation—they might collect increments of time, money, measurements, fractions, arrays, or survey data.

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